Engineering Washdown Linear
Motion Systems
Mike Quinn - National Sales Manager - LM76

Combination stainless and nickel plated
aluminum slide system

There are several things to consider when designing a WASHDOWN RATED linear slide:

1. To minimize weight and cost, we can use a combination of stainless components (shafting,
     lead/ball screw, linear bearings fasteners and journal bearings) while using nickel plated
     aluminum parts ( base plate, carriage plate, journal risers and bearing pillow blocks ).
     However, some applications will demand an all stainless construction.

2. Porting is often necessary so washdown fluids can flush-out, evacuate with debris.

3. Ball nut or Polymatrix Nut? Our Polymatrix lead nut is the best choice - no mechanical failure
    or balls disappearing into the product. LM76's Polymatrix Nut does not absorb fluids so it will
    not "grow" - reduce the running clearance between the nut and screw threads. Polymatrix
    does not chip, imbed/include or generate particulate. Accepted by the vast majority of
    in-plant FDA inspectors.

4. PTFE self lubricating seals and linear bearing liners are FDA/USDA compliant, inert and
    washdown rated.